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Thursday, July 19, 2001

Duly noted Margaret dearest. Diane/Claire. Tadah.

I added my opendiary *shudders* link in the superego section.

I found for storage (125MG, hmmmm will it be enough?).

Must update links section, again.

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Hmm. I really need storage space for photos and graphics on the web, so if anyone (aka you) knows of a place where I can get *free* storage then e-mail me quick.

Gah, tried live journal, that's terrifying. I need to learn how to use iframes if I'm to get anywhere on that site.

I talked to Amado today, we might go see a movie or something on Friday. I have to find a copy of Brave New World, then take it and my drivers license thing and meet Amado at the library someday, then we'll have a study party. We all (we being everyone in my grade) have to read Brave New World and write and ID paper on it. This seems to me to be the scariest part of being a sophomore. The civ teacher is notorious for giving terrifyingly difficult multiple choice questions on tests and then making really quite difficult paper assignments with killer due dates. Oh well, I resolve to get an early start on all assignments this year. Ohhh, I gotta start reviewing my trig, like all those killer "Quick, what's the cosign of 45 degrees?" questions. I hear from a reliable source (the teacher who taught precalc last year) that those sorts of things are important. But not until I'm in Florida, I resolve only to read optional summer reading books up until then. When I'm there and when I return I can start to study.

I got an award, whooo hoo. Lemme show in my new *Awards Section*.

Monday, July 16, 2001

Whew. Dreambook is scary. I need to talk to Sokoto about how she got those nifty questions.

Uhhm, Final Fantasy. I saw that with Kristy and Jordan (aka Sokoto) when Kristy was spending the night at my house. It was okay. Beautiful visually, but the plot seemed sort of sappy. It would have been better as a game then as a movie. Moulin Rouge had the same type of problem. Great acting, beatiful visually, incredible music, but the plot was only soso and towards the end it sort of dragged a little. Amado and Jonathon are back from debate camp, Amado, usually mister shy and reserved made a bunch of friends, while Jonathon, living up to his past record, didn't. I feel bad for Jonathon, his father died this past year and he had to spend the summer with his mom and his three younger siblings who I'm sure annoyed the heck out of him in a cute way.

Scarleteen is going well. The advos had a massive clean up campaign and the search is being re-indexed whatever that means. I'm trying to find out about getting some wantonhussy space from Miz Scarlet (who I met last week!) to store pictures and stuff that I'll put up in the Id section.

French camp was great, I met a ton of new people there and some of the old ones came back. The counselors this year were uber cool. I really want to go back. I met miram/margaret, diane/?, and a bunch of other new people I want to stay in touch with. Odette/Justine was there again and I've been e-mailing her a lot recently. Gah, I have to pick up the pictures today from camp. I'll scan some when we get a scanner (not in the next three months, unfortunately, no, wait, I can scan them at school, yes!).

I read Jordan's opendiary, it was terrifyingly Jordanish. I don't think I'm going to do that again. Her warning just makes you more and more curious until you have to find out what she wrote. Then, you realize it's way to much personal stuff and you didn't need to know any of it. Well, there. That's my entry for the day. Whew.

Sunday, July 15, 2001

Okay, I will eventually get to french camp, but this id, ego, superego thing is harder than I thought it would be. Id is the way the world sees me, my unconcious and concious self so I'm putting up photos in there if scarleteen can give me space to store them. Ego is my concious self and it filters my id or unconscious into the real world, so it is how I see myself and a list of likes dislikes and a self description, ohh, and e-mail me weird questions and I'll answer them there. For example: if you had to smear something on your partner's body and lick it off, what would it be? That sort of thing, or more boring stuff like how old are you? or are you insane? Superego is a link to my currently demi-existent opendiary, so you all can be my superego/conscience and give me advice there because it is a lot easier there. It will all soon be done, so have patience.


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