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Friday, August 24, 2001

I finally got an adbusters magazine, their design anarchy issue and was very amused and have since given up milk in favor of soy when I found out on their website about the whole artificial pregnancy cows have to deal with all year. I need to get a scanner and figure out how to get graphics up there without linking the world to my computer, the scary hackers already try to get in enough as it is.

School starts on Tuesday for me. I already got all my books and need to cover them so they don't die. None of the teachers this year look exceptionally interesting, and most of their classes seem difficult so I have this feeling I'm going to be buried under schoolwork once things get started.

No, this entry was not supposed to make sense.

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Sorry it's been so long unfaithful readers, but I've had a strange while. I learned about Dungeons and Dragons the game (very much fun), and had the door taken off of the den, called about getting my permit, learned that Scarleteen will be saved, and have started cross country. I can't detail anymore now, sorry. I'm exhausted.


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