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Saturday, September 15, 2001

Hello all. Sorry I've not been updating lately, much has been going on, I still have to tell you about Florida and now school (we're reading Beowulf in English, already read Brave New World. I thoroughly approve of both.). Just wanted to tell my non-existent readers that I'm still alive. I will write more when I have time tonight. Adding some new links.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Oh, and Scarleteen is finally back up and all is well in the world of the Scarlet Queen.

Ohhh, killer headache. Today and yesterday were both miserable, very bad days. Once school gets started it is remarkably difficult to keep up my blogger when school is going. Diving is going okay, I am supposed to learn a slew of new dives soon, and I hope it happens but I get the bad impression that it won't. My life is really strange sometimes.

I have had two excellent dreams so far in this life--one involving an incredible day with my crush Mark S. (oooh, it was so nice) and the other was about this guy I saw go to the wretched boat dance with Jen L. who was really cute and could be a jerk or a prince for all I know. In my dream he happened to be super-nice and, surprise surprise attracted to me. I was completely reassured of my less than straight status when, in my dream, a girl grabbed my rear and it tickled but I didn't much enjoy it, and then this beautiful creature grabbed and I, without skipping a beat, put my arm around his shoulders. Had this actually happened at my school there would have been some sort of riot or a lynching, but no, it wouldn't and he was probably straighter than an arrow in the real world. But that's why dreams are nice.

School is scary. Teachers=mean and/or strict and/or boring and/or weird. So far, not that great a year. Civ teacher in particular--his multiple choice questions terrify me and he makes us take notes on the wrong things. Gah. And math is scary, had to get a new calculator because the teacher is uncool and gave me a 75 on the quiz becuase my calculator does decimals different from everyone elses calculators when finding local extremes. Oh well. Must go to sleep now.


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