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Saturday, September 22, 2001

Oh, and I made an alternative-fuel calculator today from my TI-83 so math should be interesting on Monday (right now we're studying linear programming, it's fascinating, and I'm only half sarcastic there).

Had an interesting week, math and English tests on Friday, have chem test on tuesday. Now is when we find out what kind of teachers the teachers are. They seem okay so far, but I studied the wrong sort of things for the English test. Am listening to Wes right now on the computer. Today I went to the library with Jonathon where we checked out many many books. I just finished Sabriel (by Garth Nix) which is really good. It's about this girl who's dad is a necromancer in this world with a new and an old kingdom, on with and without magic. The Education of Robert Nifkin (by Pinkwater) is about the high-school experiences of this kid, bet you can't guess his name, and it's written in the form of the response to a college application question. It's hilarious. The Cure (by Sonia Levitin) is okay, it's pretty good. Waiting for Odysseus (by Clemence Mclaren) was pretty good too. Then again, I haven't read many books I didn't enjoy. I read all of these books in four days, they're on the short side but all have good plots. Today I checked out The Torturer's Apprentice and some other books whose names are escaping me right now and I'm too lazy to go get them so you will find out next time on Gaffer's Adventures in Literature, on PBS at eleven on Saturdays.


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