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Thursday, October 11, 2001

I got a CD Burner--an Acer 16*10*40 and installed it myself. It works, whoo hoo. I have burned three CD's so far, one is missing the fifth track and another has a bunch of little sound bubbles in it. Yay.

The PSAT is next weekend at my school far too early in the morning. Not the SAT, although last year I took the SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test) and got a perfect score on the verbal section and above 98% on all the others. Very scary, my English teacher had a small heart attack when she found out.

On Monday I volunteered at ASU for 6 hours in the Tunnel of Opression, which was remarkably depressing. I'm still recovering. In spring there is the Bridge of Hope (about activism, instead of racism and hate which made those 6 hours so yucky).

Tomorrow I have a grammar test and a chemistry test. Good night.

Monday, October 08, 2001

I just got back on Saturday from a Unitown at my school and was wondering if any of my non-existent readers here have done an Anytown or something like it.

Basically what we did was a two day camp thing at my school in which students participated in various activities involving issues at our school such as homophobia, class-ism, and sexual harassment. It was pretty cool.

My favorite part was the trust walk, a walk around the school with your eyes closed and somebody (you don't know who) leading you. It was a good analogy for human nature and how much we have to trust other people, but it was also really cool because I got to lead my crush around the school holding his hand for fifteen minutes. Sooooo dreamy. Ahh the hormone rush.

Then today I volunteered at ASU for their Tunnel of Opression which was interesting. I learned that I really hate the song Kim which we played to scare people and as an example of audio hatred. I met Joel who everyone in PRISM was talking about last year. He seemed pretty cool. Much eye candy at ASU. I have to do homework now.

I finished Good Omens. Hilarious book. Read it. I'm reading So You Want to Be a Wizard again right now.


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