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Wednesday, October 29, 2003


It's been a while since I last wrote, so let me catch you up.

Finished junior year with straight A's, miraculously. Went to France for 3 weeks this past summer, stayed with Maxence, a horrible and mean French teenager, who then stayed with me for 3 weeks. Started school again.

Classes are:

AP Calculus AB--basically all topics I covered last year in Calculus
AP Biology--tons of memorization, super cool teacher
AP Art History--boring teacher, super cool topic
AP English--decent books, ok teacher
American Government--super cool teacher, supreme court opinions rock my world
French V--horrible teacher, no real learning occurs (thank god it's only one semester)
Woodwinds--flute, bass recorder, mostly the latter

Independent Study: Playwriting and production

The Fall Play, Pericles by Shakespeare is sort of dominating my life right now. Rehearsals are three hours long every day after school. I am Helicanus (worst name ever!), Pericles's advisor and buddy. When he goes adventuring around the world, I stay home in Tyre and rule.

On the college front, I have to have my "Final" Apply List in to my college counselor this Monday (Nov. 3). That means my list has to go from 14 to 9 in not very long. Scary.

This Friday is Halloween. I am dressing up as a stigmata-ish person. I need to find a good fake blood recipe and a shirt I don't care about. The latter is the easier of the two to find. That's enough for here for today. Check for new poem. My love life sucks, or rather, my lack of a love life sucks. I'm not picky or anything, just, no one likes me the way I like them. Oh well.


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