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Friday, July 30, 2004

frou frou

listen to their music.

i know their name sounds stupid, but it's actually from Baudelaire, the badass french poet. he described the swishing sound that he heard the the silk skirts of the can-can girls made when he was tripping on absithe as "frou-frou." whoa that was grammar like none i have ever seen before.


fischerspooner is really good too.
as is bt, and baxter, and garbage, and the postal service, and so on and so forth

i'm going swing dancing and rock climbing a lot. great stuff, that. swing especially. needs to learn some aerials. i can't believe that i'm really going to leave my family and venture off into the world alone. this is so scary.

but it's alright
let go
oh it's so amazing here
'cause there's beauty in the breakdown.

if anyone knows how cubase sx works and wants to teach me, leave me a comment on my deviant art page


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